Our Services

We offer consulting, coaching, workshops, leadership training, keynotes, and other services to spark intercultural sensitivity and inclusion, igniting an arc of synergy!

Intercultural Leadership opens global gates by dancing with difference.
While working with you, we invite you to think of the extent leadership is culturally contingent; and the extent culture moderate relationships among organizational processes, organizational form, and organizational effectiveness.

  • Consulting

    Our consulting focuses on delivery of services enabling you to become more professionally and interculturally insightful, productive, and interpersonally alert while working within an intercultural setting of unfamiliar cultures.

    Our consulting relationship with you is based on confidence and trust to minimize failure and maximize success. [Read More]
  • Leadership Development

    Whether your scope is domestic or global, we help you minimize cultural blind spots that affect your intercultural competence and decision making. A culture of inclusion, accountability, and efficacy, leads to working successfully with cultural differences and commonalities.

    Leadership is seen differently by different cultures and countries; we consider that while working with you. [Read More]
  • Assessments

    Let's learn your current level of cultural competency and compare it to your desired level. Then we support your needs to change the difference. [Read More]
  • Facilitation

    Good facilitation is often an organization's best friend. By involving a independent third-party you increase involvement, free people to contribute more creatively, and your agenda and priorities move forward. [Read More]
  • Workshops

    Learn, practice, and apply is an exciting and stimulating approach to development of your organization's intercultural competency. [Read More]
  • Coaching

    Our one-on-one process helps you improve intercultural leadership, build strategies for accountability, inclusion, and explore deeper levels of cross-cultural communication and trust.

    We tailor coaching to your vision, mission, goals, needs, interests, and concerns. [Read More]

  • Keynotes & Presentations

    Our keynotes are designed to invigorate luncheons, conferences, and retreats, focusing on intercultural communication, leadership, and teamwork.

    Our keynote can result in a call to action, change in thinking, or implement a major process. [Read More]

Client Testimonials

"The workshops gave us a comfortable atmosphere to share and speak about the information. It helped me think of how I perceive people. Created awareness among staff—to rethink diversity, empathy, acceptance, and will definitely open up a conversation."