When it comes to performance, what do you need that you are not getting?

The communication essentials for cross-cultural communication? Skills to resolve conflict on the spot? Strategies to leverage the power of emotions? Or, maybe your team wants to rejuvenate its leadership?

We have the right series and a training team to fill the gap between what you need and what you're not getting!
Our approach to intercultural development is learn, practice, and apply. The world of culture is dynamic and complex. We also explore "why do this" aspect of learning, increasing knowledge transfer and overall success.

We use research-based training modules and tools that stand the test of cultural variation and time.

We use research-based training modules and tools that stand the test of cultural variation and time.

We provide in-person, on-line, or blended modules that can satisfy your budget, timeline, learning styles, and cultural variations.

Three of our customizable specialties follow:

Dancing With Difference
A lively series to help you build and practice strategies to interact and adapt effectively in cross cultural work settings: dancing with difference! We use a cross-culturally valid and reliable assessment of intercultural competence applicable to both domestic and global diversity. The results can be debriefed to groups and individuals; results are also merged into this workshop. Read More

Dare To Be Culture Curious
Have you noticed that some people enjoy different foods, music, and humor? What is preferred in your community or organization may take a different shape in another's. Similarities and differences are a part of each of us, our groups, communities, churches, and other workplaces. This series focuses on the participant's cultural inquisitiveness. We develop methods to help recognize culture's role in our daily experiences. Read More

Intercultural Leadership
Intercultural Leadership is the dance of all dances: the powerful application of Heartset, Mindset, and Skillset. In a globally diverse workplace, your role is to build on the best of those with whom you work: high performance teams. Your ability to reflect and ask insightful questions rather than just assert your position is vital. This sharpens your ability to correctly perceive people in culturally appropriate contexts: building empathy. Empathy offers multiple frames of reference to interpret intercultural situations that are essential to inclusion. Read More

Emotional Intelligence and Diversity
Create a stronger, more inclusive, and productive business environment. We modify this four-part training for every level of the organization. It is perfect for a segment in a leadership retreats or as a way of enhancing intercultural leadership in your organization. This is an essential program to strengthen your culture of inclusion. We do this by learning, practicing, applying ways to harness emotions as critical tools in leadership and intercultural competency. Read More

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Client Testimonials

"A very good team with both styles; we have had many teambuilding workshops but none have kept my interest as well as this one."