Intercultural Leadership

Intercultural Leadership is the dance of all dances: the powerful application of Heartset, Mindset, and Skillset.

In a globally diverse workplace, your role is to build on the best of those with whom you work: high performance teams. Your ability to reflect and ask insightful questions rather than just assert your position is vital. This sharpens your ability to correctly perceive people in culturally appropriate contexts: building empathy. Empathy offers multiple frames of reference to interpret intercultural situations that are essential to inclusion.
To transform your leadership into an intercultural style, requires a process of connecting, interpreting, and understanding different points of view. This links cultural commonalities and differences (the "Mix"), which results in more cultural awareness, interacting, and adapting to behaviors: all leading to an intercultural mindset. With an intercultural mindset, your approaches and strategies will involve working with three concepts:

  1. Diversity which is the mix of differences;
  2. Inclusion is making the mix work successfully;
  3. Cultural competence is the "how to" of putting the two together.

Leading with inclusion at the fore enhances a team's breadth and depth of creativity. Creativity (harnessed) leads to intercultural leader effectiveness, Intercultural leader effectiveness leads to intercultural goal attainment, every leader's sweet spot: goal attainment.

Intercultural Leadership prepares leaders to:

  • Build capability to shift cultural perspective and adapt behavior to cultural commonality and difference
  • Cultivate inclusion and deeper levels of mutual adaptation in the workplace creating a workplace to share talents and awakening creativity
  • Adapt — or bridge — across various cultural differences

So what?

As you revitalize your leadership toward a global Heartset, Mindset, and Skillset, you will engage in effectively leading a diverse, cross-cultural workforce: with different worldviews, varied cultural backgrounds, different languages, mixed ways of thinking, and processing information differently. As a skilled intercultural leader, you will realize effectiveness, synergy, and cultural intelligence, all leading to organizational success.

Now what?