Emotional Intelligence & Diversity

This series offers a paradigm shift that will create a stronger and more productive business environment.

Create a stronger, more inclusive, and productive business environment. We modify this four-part training for every level of the organization. It is perfect for a segment in a leadership retreats or as a way of enhancing intercultural leadership in your organization.
This is an essential program to strengthen your culture of inclusion. We do this by learning, practicing, applying ways to harness emotions as critical tools in leadership and intercultural competency, with the following skills below:
  • Affirmative Introspection explores what makes you tick, levels of comfort in your skin, being in tune with own hot buttons and biases.
  • Self-Governance focuses on skills for making ambiguity an ally, handling aspect of change, and becoming in charge of self-talk
  • Intercultural Literacy shifts the ability to understand the cultural whys behind behavior, seeing benefits and limitations of norms, and tips for transcending a perspective fostering empathy
  • Social Architecting dances with influence by exploring ways to serve as a cultural interpreter, communication effectively, resolving conflicts in diverse settings, and structuring synergistic and compelling environments

So what?

You can apply an intentional process that enables you to gain understanding and mastery over your emotions. With practice you encompass competencies that are insight- and action-based. This focuses on understanding yourself and others, enabling you to lead more effectively and have productive cross-cultural interactions.

Now what?