Dancing With Difference Workshop

A lively series to help you build and practice strategies to interact and adapt effectively in cross cultural work settings: dancing with difference!

We use a cross-culturally valid and reliable assessment of intercultural competence applicable to both domestic and global diversity. The results can be debriefed to groups and individuals; results are also merged into this workshop.
This workshop encourages participants to explore and identify:

  • Cultural blind spots and the cultural whys in day-to-day interactions
  • Cultural self-awareness: How deep is yours?
  • Differences between cultural generalizations and cultural stereotypes
  • Differences in cultures and how they impact leadership and workplace communication
  • Insightful questions that strengthen your intercultural skills so you dance well with others, domestically and globally
  • The dance of respectful interactions with culturally different others increases trust, respect, and confidence within the force

So what?

Now, you know more about how your culture differs from others'; you understand where cultural differences typically show up within your organization; you are headed to greater understanding and more authentic acceptance of cultural differences and commonalities, leading to intercultural leadership.

Now what?

Client Testimonials

"One of the most valuable aspects was the great stories that developed our depth of understanding while relating them to our lives and to what was being presented. David's story from childhood was very touching—what a great man!"