Dare To Be Culture Curious Workshop

Have you noticed that some people enjoy different foods, music, and humor?

What is preferred in your community or organization may take a different shape in another's. Similarities and differences are a part of each of us, our groups, communities, churches, and other workplaces. This series focuses on the participant's cultural inquisitiveness.
We develop methods to help recognize culture's role in our daily experiences. Curiosity helps foster exploration, understanding, and momentum needed to learn more about ourselves and others. To curiosity we add the skill of noticing and observation. Being culture curious outlines a direct path to competency. An outlined path to competency gives us the fuel or energy we need to maintain an ongoing exploration of being culture curious.

In Culture Curious, we explore how information, emotions, and actions, can support learning about differences (culture) through the:


    What shapes culture? Exploring a global or intercultural mindset that focuses on describing what you know and understand about cultural variation in groups: yours and others'. Variation such as how we relate to music, dance, family, language, ways of life, and more.


    How do you feel about variation? How do cultural similarities and differences impact your work and your effectiveness with others? How can you increase your ability to build solid relationships? And how can you turn emotions into assets at work or in community if faced with something new or unexpected?


    What will help you relate to others? How do you suspend judgment to understand another perspective? We identify ways to slow down the evaluative (good or bad) process in our thoughts and behavior and practice specific strategies to strengthen our cross-cultural interactions.

So what?

Now, you are clearer about what shapes culture and how we all contribute. You know a simple framework that links to your mind, heart, and skills. You know culture's meaning, implications, and its power, specifically seeing it in your life, exploring it in the lives of others in your workplace, community, home.

Now what?