How could a keynote solve what keeps you awake at night? And what must it address?

Our keynotes result in a call to action, change in thinking, or implement a major process.
Our keynotes are designed to invigorate luncheons, conferences, and retreats, focusing on intercultural communication, leadership, and teamwork. They are thought-provoking, stimulating, and substantive, for groups of 10 to 1000. Keynotes we would enjoy presenting at your next event:

  • Intercultural Synergy—How do you make it happen?
  • GLOBE Study: Both Leadership and Cultural Dimensions—What they are and their relevancy to your leadership
  • The Mindset, Heartset, Skillset of Dancing with Difference—what's in your head and heart for dancing with difference. And how sharp are you skills?
  • Intercultural Listening and Understanding—How do you get there?
  • Global Leader and Global Manager—Should you wear both hats?
  • Dare to be Culture Curious!—Curiosity, exploration, and understanding: keys to being culture curious and intercultural competence.
  • Creating a third culture: Hey, you're dancing on my toes!—Third culture helps avoid intercultural communication blunders and blind spots; aids in interpreting the behavior of culturally different others; builds an international mindset.
  • The intersection of Leadership and Social Justice—Is there a culture of justice-based management? Are performance rewards correlated with contributions to vision, mission, goals?
  • Why should anyone be led by you anyway? Are you in the "driver's seat" because of your skills and will? Or, are you there for cosmetic reasons?

Our presenters have delivered at conferences and events for Judges, NATO Partners, Ministers of Trade, Court Administrators, Firefighters, Early Childhood Educators, Medical Professionals, over 20 State Agencies, Universities, Fortune 500 Companies, Lawyers, and more.

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Client Testimonials

"The workshops gave us a comfortable atmosphere to share and speak about the information. It helped me think of how I perceive people. Created awareness among staff—to rethink diversity, empathy, acceptance, and will definitely open up a conversation."