Do your meetings display robust dialogues? Synergy? And a cohesive decision-making process? Does the process consider cultural variation?

Facilitation offers a conductor's touch to any event, ensuring a balance of power, inclusivity of group norms, and an opportunity to consider others' viewpoints through understanding. Facilitation is a powerful way to dance with difference!
Intercultural Facilitation helps generate movement or offer objective support when:

  • Groups are at an impasse and need help to see themselves as able to move forward
  • Decision-making and actions involve multiple parties with varying cultural perspectives
  • There is limited time to achieve a goal and details of goals and time lines are viewed with varying levels of priority, often driven by culture
  • An organization or agency is restructuring and wants inclusion to be at the fore of the process. With a third party conducting the meeting, all can participate.
  • Changes in mission or service delivery need to be addressed due to mergers or acquisitions
Our facilitators have worked for judges, executives, leadership teams, and in conflicts settings. Trained in four methods of facilitation, we ensure you have a powerful conductor at the helm of each critical event.

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Client Testimonials

"One of the most valuable aspects was the great stories that developed our depth of understanding while relating them to our lives and to what was being presented. David's story from childhood was very touching—what a great man!"