To strengthen your leadership, what do you need to start doing? To build a more inclusive culture, what do you need to stop doing?

We tailor coaching to your vision, mission, goals, needs, interests, and concerns. We facilitate the process that helps you get where you want to go.
A one-on-one process with benchmarks and milestones to facilitate your priorities such as: improving intercultural leadership, building strategies for inclusion, plus exploring deeper levels of communication and trust.


In two weeks, you are going to China as the only company representative to "close the deal." It is your first time out of the country and everything about travel and culture is new. What do you need to explore to help ensure your success in China?

Or, the acquisition phase is here, you are leading your fifth multinational team and you want specific coaching to review skills to ensure you accurately gather information and adapt well in complex settings. On what specific cultural frameworks will you focus to help strengthen your relationship with team members?

In either case, you want to renew dancing with difference: your intercultural competence: the capability to accurately understand and adapt behavior to cultural difference and commonality.

Our coaching fosters many elements of leadership such as conflict resolution, focused listening, familiarity with cultural dimensions: power distance, assertiveness, performance measures, plus. All designed to foster movement and dancing with difference.

Facilitate on-the-job intercultural communication coaching to start an overseas assignment. Overcome culturally driven shyness in public speaking roles and responsibilities, bringing a stronger focus to your knowledge and skills. Explore ways to increase effectiveness and influence as an intercultural leader. Increase cultural competency in your leadership by having keen observations skills, the ability to see a problem from multiple perspectives, and champion employee development. If employees trust you and see you as a model of intercultural competency, you'll gain the credibility needed to lead in the 21st century. Understand leadership around the world more substantively and practically. Are you aware of how leadership in China varies from Brazil in the areas of gender egalitarianism, uncertainty avoidance, in-group collectivism, or a culture's future orientation?

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Client Testimonials

"One of the most valuable aspects was the great stories that developed our depth of understanding while relating them to our lives and to what was being presented. David's story from childhood was very touching—what a great man!"