About The Intercultural Leadership Team

As partners we bring incredible depth to each topic, sensitivity to difference, expertise on team trust; an inherently dynamic team that spans differences in gender, generation, ethnicity, race, background and more. For over 12 years Natalie and David have been collaborating in business and in life.

We ourselves are a cross-cultural team, and we each bring our own different styles – our different dances - to each client engagement. Natalie's presence is calming, collaborative and subtle. She actively listens, scanning words and behaviors for cultural clues, then acts insightfully to bring forth meaningful resolutions to conflicts and inter cultural concerns. By contrast, David brings a driving force to any engagement, with inspirational consultative skills and experienced insights on effective leadership that create the conditions for clients to challenge themselves with different ways of perceiving their own unique responsibilities and capabilities in domestic and global settings.

Two years ago we shifted to looking at leadership through the prism of culture and recognized that if you are addressing leadership competencies you are also addressing cultural competencies. Whether your responsibilities involve domestic diversity or international environments, we help you prepare for global business environment in which we all converge.

Natalie A. Mattson, Co-Founder and Principal

I'd like to share a bit about what I live to do: Witness others in moments in which they may feel unseen or unnoticed. I am most connected to my ability to listen to a story. It sounds simple and I find it so delightfully complex and subtle. I treasurer the opportunities to glean the essence being shared, gain a depth of understanding, notice possible cultural impacts, scan words and behaviors for culturally appropriate insights and meanings, and gently help all parties identify, explore, and resolve the central issues. I also foster my ability to see a situation in symbols and metaphors which often help create new options, possibilities, and potentials. Clients refer to these qualities as respectful, calming, and an inspiring place to grow.

For over 20 years, I have served others as a professional trainer, mediator, coach, facilitator, and curriculum designer. I have worked with public and private sector organizations serving their strategic leadership, cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, and professional development needs. I have developed and conducted leadership training for executive leadership teams with complementary modules for staff members. My work spans diverse groups in public sector, fortune 500 companies, Judiciary, state and federal education programs, and higher education.

David Whitfield Ed.D., Co-Founder

Dr. David Whitfield emphasizes personal and professional development of individuals, groups, and nations, focusing on awakening the minds of leaders and challenging the status quo by inviting individuals to lead from the heart. He holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership from the University of San Francisco.

David enjoys inspiring leaders to find ways to think differently about how they lead. His style is energetic, direct, respectful, and full of piercing questions and activities. Each presentation is full of David's public and private sector leadership experiences throughout his journey. Some stories are hilarious, unimaginable, and mostly full of a leader's best friend: ambiguity. His contribution is sure to stimulate any event.

Client Testimonials

"Appreciate how you two work together. Wow, very dynamic speakers, materials. This was an absolutely great "team" presentation. Ms. Mattson and Dr. Whitfield really complemented one another."