Natalie A. Mattson, Co-Founder and Principal

I'd like to share a bit about what I live to do: Witness others in moments in which they may feel unseen or unnoticed, specifically in cross-cultural settings. I have found this to be a critical skill that fosters successful interpersonal and professional relationships, specifically leadership. I am connected to a story with the skill of deep listening and empathy that it deserves. It sounds simple and I find it so delightfully complex and subtle. Our connections all over the world are increasing and because we communicate differently, assert ourselves differently, adhere to time and agreements differently it's best to presume difference. We explore all of this in our engagement with you so you end up dancing with difference without stepping on anyone's toes! I treasurer the opportunities to glean the essence being shared in a story, gain a depth of understanding, notice possible cultural impacts, scan words and behaviors for culturally appropriate insights and meanings, and gradually help all parties identify, explore, and resolve the central issues. I also enjoy seeing a situation in symbols and metaphors which often help create new options, possibilities, and potentials. Clients refer to these qualities as respectful, calming, and an inspiring place to risk and grow.

For over 20 years, I have served others as a professional trainer, mediator, coach, facilitator, and curriculum designer. I have worked with public and private sector organizations serving their strategic leadership, cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, and professional development needs. I have developed and conducted leadership training for executive leadership teams with complementary modules for staff members. My work spans diverse groups in public sector, fortune 500 companies, Judiciary, state and federal education programs, and higher education.

A bit about my cultural roots: I am Caucasian with roots from Germany, Sweden, (formerly) Czechoslovakia. I am female, in a heterosexual, bi- racial relationship, grew up middle class in an upper middle class town; I was very fortunate to always have a warm bed and meals. When not working on my business, I often study communication skills currently the skill set is non-violent communication. I walk at the shoreline and have vowed to take up tennis again! In late 2011 we relocated from Washington State to California!

A different view of my interests and focuses:


Masters of Arts – Intercultural Relations, University of the Pacific, Stockton, California – In progress

Bachelor of Arts – Communications, San Jose State University, San Jose, California, 1986


Qualified Administrator: Intercultural Development Inventory, Baltimore, Maryland, 2012

Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification, Cultural Detective, Berkeley CA, 2011

Train-the-Trainer: Emotional Intelligence and Diversity (EIDI), Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute, UCLA Conference Center, CA, 2007

Facilitator, Dynamic Facilitation, Port Townsend, WA, 2007

Professional Mediator, University of Washington, School of Law – Foundation, Seattle, WA, 2006

Professional Coach, Academy of Coach Training (now inviteChange, ICF accredited), Bellevue WA, 2005

Mindful Facilitation, StirFry Seminars and Consulting, Berkeley, CA, 2003

Community Mediator, Dispute Resolution of Santa Cruz County, CA,1996

Management/Supervisory Development, U.C. Santa Cruz Extension, 1985

Client Testimonials

"Appreciate how you two work together. Wow, very dynamic speakers, materials. This was an absolutely great "team" presentation. Ms. Mattson and Dr. Whitfield really complemented one another."